What is a Boiled Egg Casserole?

Bacon is a common ingredient in a boiled egg casserole.

A boiled egg casserole can take many forms, but it mostly features eggs as the main ingredient, along with anything from sausage and cheese to tomato sauce and bread. Eggs are usually added raw to the casserole and then cooked in the oven, sometimes scrambled and sometimes left whole, although some recipes cook the eggs before placing them in the casserole. Depending on the size of the hard-boiled egg casserole, it can take almost an hour for the eggs to cook in the oven. Many recipes create unique breakfast casseroles that can be served straight from the skillet, while others focus more on creating an egg-based dinner casserole.

A box with a dozen eggs.

Baking eggs in an oven can present potential problems that go unnoticed until it’s too late. One problem a hard-boiled egg casserole can face, especially if eggs are the dominant liquid in the pan, is that the eggs can start to burn on the top and bottom before fully cooking inside. This can be avoided by stirring the eggs while they bake or by covering the casserole.

A very simple baked egg casserole involves placing beaten eggs in a buttered dish along with some cream and bacon or crumbled sausage. This mixture cooks for up to an hour, until it is properly set. A variation involves lining the bottom of the pan with slices of daily bread, giving the casserole a little more structure.

A popular type of boiled egg casserole uses different types of cheese. Eggs are placed on a plate and mixed with nutmeg, Swiss cheese, mozzarella cheese and provolone cheese. A little flour can also be added to bind the ingredients together. The finished casserole can be served with toast and decorated with finely chopped chives.

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An Italian-style hard-boiled egg casserole that can be served as a dinner starts by lining the sides of a pan with bread, then pouring tomato sauce into the bottom. Several eggs are cracked and placed gently on top of the tomato sauce, without breaking them. The casserole is cooked until cooked, so that each egg can be served with the sauce underneath, on top of a slice of toasted bread in the pan.

A heavier recipe for a boiled egg casserole uses grated potatoes mixed with a little cream and eggs. Ground pork or bacon is added to the mixture along with finely chopped green onions. The grated cheese is placed on top and browned while the casserole cooks. Once finished, the dense casserole can be served with sour cream and chopped chives.

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