What is a bed frame? (with photos)

Bed frames can be made of metal or wooden slats.

The bed frame is the wooden or metal outline that provides the foundation for the bed. He holds the mattresses and keeps the bed upright. The bed frame includes the headboard, footboard and sides. On beds of certain sizes or specifications, the frame also includes a center support rail, bed posts, or other features. The bed frame is also called a bed frame.

Bed frames may contain built-in storage.

Although they can be made of other materials, bed frames are usually made of wood, steel or brass. On most frames, the design is the same. Four legs, two at the head of the bed and two at the foot of the bed, support a set of rectangular shelves that provide the structure for the mattress to stand on. Over the two legs at the foot of the bed is an additional board known as the footboard, and over the two legs at the head of the bed is the headboard. Some beds feature leg extensions, known as posts, on either side.

A bed frame supports a mattress.

On larger beds, such as king or queen beds, the inside of the bed frame features an additional piece of steel or wood running across the frame lengthwise. This bar serves to support the unsupported middle of a large mattress. While the edges of a mattress are supported, the middle would sag under the weight of a person without that middle bar. On smaller mattresses, such as singles or doubles, the bar is unnecessary, as the mattress is fully supported by shelves at the edges of the bed frame.

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Platform beds feature elegant frame designs for modern bedrooms.

Parts of the bed frame, especially the bedposts or headboards, are often painted, stained, or covered with fabric or designs. In brass beds, the parts are made of pure brass or fully coated brass parts. The designs on many designer beds, such as Art Deco, Edwardian, or Victorian, can be very intricate and artistic. Bed frames from the late 1800s are often seen as the pinnacle of the bed frame. They characteristically utilize iron frames and a skill level that was common at the time.

Many bed frames are made to be easily disassembled and reassembled. Frame parts are often secured with easy-to-remove fasteners such as pin-and-hook fasteners, bed blots, or plate-and-hook fasteners. The different pieces are fixed to the sides of the bed frame and headboards and allow easy removal or adjustment.

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