What is a Bayou?

Many types of vegetation grow in a bayou.

Bayous are stagnant or slow-moving bodies of water that fill abandoned waterways. The term by itself usually refers to a very sluggish stream, while the term bayou lake is often used to describe lakes or ponds in similar conditions. The bayou is normally found in very flat regions, as the lack of slope reduces the speed at which the water flows. It is usually runoff from a large nearby waterway, such as the Mississippi River, and as such can be affected by flooding in the main waterway.

Cattails grow well in a swamp.

The word is mostly used in the southern United States. The term “slough” is also used to describe essentially the same geographic feature, although it tends to have more widespread use. The bayou is particularly associated with the Cajun culture of Louisiana and parts of Texas and Alabama. They are also found throughout Arkansas, although most in that state use an alternate spelling of buyou.

Crocodiles can be found in streams.

Because of its sluggish nature and relative lack of differentiation in height, a swamp often forms a sort of swamp or swamp. In fact, the easiest way to think of one is simply like a stream running through a swamp. Plants and trees can grow across the bayou, making the water appear to flow erratically across the land as a whole. The ecology of these wetlands is quite diverse and, in some cases, unique. The terrain is always damp, leading to specialized plants that do well with little or no oxygen and that are equipped to take advantage of abundant water. Planks, water lilies, rushes and cedar are examples of vegetation that do well in this environment.

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Voodoo stories are often set in a swamp.

Because of its almost labyrinthine character, eternal humidity, and sometimes creepy vegetation, the bayou is often the location in scary story fiction. Voodoo tales often take place there, and a number of horror stories are set deep in the bayou, far from civilization. Crocodiles inhabit much of the bayou in Louisiana, adding to the mystique of fear that surrounds the region.

The state of Louisiana and Cajun culture are associated with the bayou.

The city of Houston, Texas is often called Bayou City. This is a reference to the many creeks that run through the city of Houston, or outside the city limits. The White Oak Bayou, Buffalo Bayou and Carpenters Bayou are the most famous of these, but there are more than 18 in the area.

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