What is a Batch Mixer?

Batch mixers are different from continuous mixers.

Batch mixers are mixing machines designed to efficiently combine different ingredients into building materials used in indoor and outdoor projects. The mixer’s distinguished name is indicative of its function, as the mixer is used to prepare an entire batch of the required substance. This is in contrast to a continuous mixer where materials are fed into the device continuously, creating a continuous supply of product.

Batch mixers are often used in concrete preparation.

While there is some variation in design, the typical batch mixer is in the form of a cylindrical tank equipped with openings at each end. Raw materials are fed into the tank at one end, while controls rotate the tank. As the materials are mixed well, the product is discharged from the opposite end, usually into a tray that directs the product flow into the molds or chutes. Large mixers of this type are usually mounted on a wheeled frame, making it easier to move them into the most strategic position during the construction phase.

The mason should only mix the amount of mortar he will be able to use in a few hours.

The batch mixer has an extremely high capacity, making it possible to prepare batches of up to 1,000 gallons or 3785 liters. One of the advantages of using a mixer of this type is that it is possible to control the exact combination of ingredients, allowing the builder to have greater control over the quality of the finished product. When using a continuous mixer, where ingredients are fed into the device on a continuous basis, there is more chance of some slight variation from one of the smaller batches to the next.

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You can use a batch mixer for many different projects. The most common is in preparing concrete for driveways, building foundations, and similar construction efforts. With many forms of concrete, the process involves combining the dry ingredients, allowing them to mix thoroughly, and then adding the liquid until the desired consistency is achieved. Once the batch is completed, the concrete mix is ​​piped from the mixer body to the location where the material is spread into position. A similar process is employed when using a batch rotary mixer to produce foam solutions for fire extinguishers.

A concrete mixer can also be used to produce other types of building materials, such as mortar or mortar. The exact process will vary depending on the ingredients used and the consistency desired for the final product. In many cases, the mixer tank is flushed after each use, leaving the inside of the rotating chamber clean and ready for the next batch to be produced.

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