What is a bagged salad?

Escarole is sometimes included in bagged salad.

A bagged salad is a commercially produced package of salad greens that are pre-washed. Alternatively, you can also wash your own salad leaves and put them in a bag to take on a picnic or keep them handy in the fridge. However, most people buy a bagged salad for the convenience it offers.

A bagged salad requires no washing or cutting and all the greens you need are in the bag. Some people like to wash the bagged salad ingredients before using, but you can also buy organic bagged salads. Of course, bagged salads usually don’t contain more perishable vegetables like tomatoes or cucumbers, but most people are prepared to add other ingredients to their greens anyway.

Hard-boiled eggs, which can be added to a bagged salad.

You can make many quick and easy lunches and no-cook dinners by starting with a bagged salad. Add boiled shrimp and hard-boiled eggs for a shrimp salad, or Caesar dressing and croutons for a Caesar salad. You can complete the meal with crusty bread or garlic bread, a drink and a simple dessert such as ice cream or ice cream.

In addition to bagged salads with icebergs or lettuce and julienned carrots, you can also buy bagged spinach salads. Spinach offers excellent nutrition and you can lightly steam it if you want to serve it hot. To make a classic cold spinach salad, simply add sliced ​​hard-boiled eggs, pieces of cooked bacon, chopped fresh tomato and serve with ranch dressing. Cornbread is a good alternative to garlic or crusty bread.

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Vegetables to use in a bagged salad.

A bagged salad is especially useful for camping, as it can stay sealed and fresh in the fridge until you’re ready to use it alongside grilled steak, chicken, or just about anything. Many bagged salads feature convenient resealable packaging, but some need to be opened with scissors and resealed with a swivel loop or clip. Most bagged salads come in two sizes, so you can buy enough for a large crowd or just a few people.

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