What does a studio recording engineer do?

A studio recording engineer is also called an audio or sound engineer.

A studio recording engineer, also called an audio engineer or sound engineer, typically works with technical sound equipment to create audio recordings for a variety of purposes. These engineers usually install, maintain and operate the equipment in a recording studio and are usually well versed in the different types of recording equipment available. They usually work in the music, film, television or radio industries.

A recording engineer decides where to place microphones in a recording studio.

For the most part, a studio recording engineer works in a professional recording studio. Typically, they are designed to house two main rooms, a soundproof room where recording takes place and another where the engineer captures and manipulates the recorded sounds. These rooms are usually separated by soundproof glass so that the people involved in the recording can see each other.

Recording engineers can create refined music for an artist.

The recording room is typically equipped with microphones and other sound-capturing devices, such as audio jacks that connect to instruments. The studio recording engineer is usually responsible for setting up this equipment. He or she often tries to capture the sound of each instrument, speaker, or singer on a different audio input. Having each instrument and vocal input separate in this way allows the audio engineer to mix the sounds as needed to achieve the desired result.

Generally, the most important piece of audio equipment is the audio console. The room where a studio recording engineer works is usually equipped with this console, which allows the engineer to control the recording and change or mix it later. This equipment typically has multiple audio input jacks that allow the engineer to control aspects of a specific audio track. For example, he or she can use it to change bass or treble settings on a guitar track.

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With advances in sound production technology, many sound recording engineers use computers to capture, control and mix audio tracks. Creating a multitrack recording is usually accomplished through a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) system. Many recording software programs use MIDI or other digitized sound files. A professional studio recording engineer may choose to use a combination of audio consoles and computers in their work.

Audio consoles or computers are often used to mix tracks to create the full sound recording. Mixing sound for music typically involves layering instruments and vocals to harmonize around a melody. Another example of sound mixing might be the combination of dialogue, sound effects and music to create a soundtrack that will be synchronized with the visual recording of a movie.

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