What does a store team leader do?

Many team leaders start out as cashiers.

In large retail stores, management is often structured to provide additional responsibilities and supervisory duties to individuals known as team leaders. A store team leader will usually be responsible for managing a specific department or even an entire shift of employees, and may have different roles depending on the nature of the store and the number of other employees working there. This is a good opportunity for people who want to build a career in retail to gain experience in management and the practice of supervising other employees; working as a store team leader often provides opportunities for promotions as more senior management positions open up.

Good leaders can inspire their team in all kinds of situations and challenges.

Individuals who choose to become a store team leader, or who are asked by a manager, will usually have worked in a more entry-level position, such as a cashier or someone who works with shop floor sales. This person can then become a cashier or other type of supervisor, responsible for managing their peers. This is often the first step in becoming a store team leader. In some retail environments, there is no difference between someone who works as a head cashier and someone who works as a team leader.

Team leaders work to improve the customer experience.

Typically, however, team leaders are more similar to department managers. This person may be responsible for maintaining a specific department in the store, which can include everything from creating the schedule, to ensuring that shelves are properly stocked, and ordering new merchandise. In general, this person will also be responsible for providing motivation, encouragement and guidance to employees, ensuring they follow store policies and feel positively about the corporate culture. In some cases, a store team leader may even be the person who hires and fires employees in the department, although more often this usually requires approval from a supervisor.

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A store team leader will often also need to prepare regular reports to share with senior management and other store department managers at regular meetings. He or she will usually have goals to meet, regarding things like sales quotas or hours worked by department employees. For people interested in becoming store staff leaders, many stores offer training programs specific to that position and will provide this opportunity for entry-level employees who are excelling in their positions. This is beneficial for the employee as well as the store, which then prepares employees to be the specific type of manager they want.

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