What does a store manager do?

A store manager oversees the operations of a store.

A store manager can perform a number of different tasks on a daily basis depending on the size of the store he or she runs, as well as whether it is an independent business or part of a large chain of stores. If the store operates independently, the store manager can have much more responsibility and report only to the business owner. If the store is part of a chain of stores, however, the manager is likely to be part of a much larger chain of command that includes regional or district managers, and even national managers, before reaching the business owner.

Store managers oversee employee and customer interactions.

It is typically a store manager’s job to hire employees, train them or assign supervisors to carry out the training process, make sure they are following the company’s defined standards of conduct, supervise them on a daily basis to determine if employees are performing their duties correctly, and may even terminate the employment relationship, if necessary. Again, depending on the size of the company, the store manager may also need to perform some additional human resources functions, such as assisting employees in selecting benefits or time off. The part of the job that requires working with employees is just one aspect of it.

Particularly in small retail stores, a store manager may work on the sales floor, helping customers find the best products for their specific needs.

In many cases, the store manager will be responsible for maintaining the store’s accounting books, as well as stocking products and ordering more as needed. He or she may also create marketing campaigns or advertisements and represent the company in the local community. Working with customers is also part of a store manager’s job. Generally, a manager will not work with customers as much as other employees, but may be responsible for resolving any issues or complaints a customer may have and providing excellent customer service.

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Store managers often decide how products should be displayed.

It is important for a store manager to be able to work well with other people, including customers, cashiers, stockists and supervisors, resolve issues quickly and efficiently, be very well organized and manage their time carefully. A manager can work upwards of 40 hours a week to successfully run the retail establishment, and while a specific education is usually not required, many store managers have degrees in business administration. These are just some of the possible roles of a store manager, and each individual’s situation may be different.

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