What does a product marketing manager do?

The goal of product marketing managers is to continually improve the marketing of new and existing products.

A product marketing manager orchestrates the marketing of new and existing products. Manufacturing companies, information technology companies, and finance companies typically employ a product marketing manager to oversee employees who are primarily engaged in advertising or outside sales. In most companies, the marketing team works closely with the product development team so that sales strategies can be developed to market new products before those products are officially released.

A product marketing manager may meet regularly with copywriters, designers, and other staff.

Most companies require marketing managers to have a college degree in marketing, advertising, business, or a related field. While in college, many undergraduate students work for marketing companies during summer internships, and these internships often lead to permanent job offers. Marketing team members should contact advertising companies or arrange offsite visits to potential customers. Successful members of the marketing team often move into the manager position. Some small businesses have minimal marketing budgets, in which case a product marketing manager can work alone.

The manager of a product marketing team must work within a specified budget to market the products.

When a new product is about to be launched, the product marketing manager must meet with the product development team to determine which segment of the public or business world the new product is intended for. The marketing manager must have extensive knowledge of the product’s features and benefits, because customers and marketing team members will primarily rely on the manager for information pertaining to the product prior to its launch. In addition to determining ways to market the new product to potential customers, the manager must also develop ideas for marketing the product to the company’s existing customer base.

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The manager of a product marketing team must work within an allotted budget to market products. Typically, the marketing budget should cover both advertising costs and expenses incurred by employees during outside sales visits and seminars. Some managers have an annual budget that must cover the costs related to marketing all of the company’s new products, while others are given a per-item budget. In many cases, managers receive bonuses based on sales, but staying within the marketing budget is often one of many factors that can influence the size of bonuses received by the product marketing manager and the rest of the sales team.

Marketing managers assign different tasks to advertising employees and different sales territories to outside sales representatives. Regular meetings are held between the manager and the team to discuss sales results and marketing strategies. The marketing manager of a large company must report to a regional marketing director or executive who oversees a wide geographic area. Successful managers often hold executive positions within the same company.

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