What does a pediatric nurse do?

The duties of a pediatric nurse may include performing physical exams.

A pediatric nurse is both a registered nurse and a licensed nurse. He or she has also done advanced studies in the field of pediatrics, so the primary work will be with children up to 18 years old. Many pediatric practices and hospitals employ these specialists because in most cases they can work without the assistance of a physician. and are able to provide a significant range of care.

Pediatric nurses may be in charge of immunizations.

Unlike a registered nurse, a pediatric nurse is able to diagnose conditions, discuss them with the family, and prescribe medication. She may also order tests, such as x-rays or blood tests, to confirm the diagnosis. Typically, these professionals work with or directly under the supervision of a physician, whom they can consult if a case seems extremely complicated. However, in medical office settings, pediatric nurses often work independently and attend to patients without the need for medical consultation.

A pediatric nurse is able to diagnose conditions and discuss them with the family.

In many cases, then, the pediatric nurse will spend most of her days seeing a few patients. She can perform child exams well, take patient histories, diagnose illness, prescribe medicine for it, refer children to specialists and even do some minor surgical procedures like stitches. Increasingly, many pediatricians choose to hire nurses to help them meet the needs of a busy practice. That makes a lot of sense. Nurses are paid less, although they tend to be well paid and can work without supervision

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Most nursing professionals can prescribe medication.

It would be a mistake to assume that the only place a pediatric nurse works is in a doctor’s office. They can run free clinics, work as school nurses or main school nursing programs, and definitely also provide care in hospitals. They can also run independent private clinics and structure a pediatric practice that does not involve physicians. Some of the pediatric nursing professionals in hospital settings have specialized further and may work in a specialized pediatric practice such as pediatric cardiology or endocrinology. Depending on the specialty, hospital work can involve significantly more procedures.

In hospital work, nurses can also advise families much more. Most families do not go to hospitals to care for their children, and hospitalization of a child is quite upsetting. The nursing professionals who work with these families will try to provide them with all the necessary information about the proposed care so that the families can make good choices. Due to the complexity of conditions that can sometimes hospitalize children, the nurse may or may not diagnose without the assistance of a physician, but often still does.

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