What does a navy sailor do?

A sailor in a nation’s navy may be tasked with maintaining a ship’s weapons or engineering systems.

A Navy sailor performs a variety of tasks on a daily basis. From cooking and cleaning to controlling the aircraft, the Navy sailor must perform a variety of roles, with each sailor being educated in a specific role. A ship is very similar to a floating city, with jobs like dentists, doctors, and electricians being performed by Navy sailors. Other jobs commonly found on a land-based basis may include auto mechanic, carpenter, or truck driver. Navy officers also fill the positions of aircraft pilot, ship captain, and attorney within the Navy’s workforce.

Radar operators play vital roles in securing and protecting a naval force.

Every required job on a ship can be filled by a Navy sailor. Sailors are educated in all aspects of daily life, from cooks who provide nutritious meals to support the ship’s crew to laundry workers who provide clean linens and uniforms for sailors. Radar operators play vital roles in the safety and security of a naval force and all radar operation is provided by the navy sailor. On aircraft carriers, the task of safely landing and launching the aircraft is left to a Navy sailor. A navy pilot is also in control of the rescue helicopter during all launches and recoveries of naval aircraft from an aircraft carrier.

Nuclear reactors aboard navy ships are also operated and maintained by a crew of navy sailors. Providing entertainment for the crew of an off-duty ship is left to television and theater crew members. Naval land bases are also home to a number of jobs filled by naval personnel. Land vehicles such as trucks, automobiles and other wheeled and tracked vehicles are maintained by a Navy sailor. Machine shops and welding shops are operated by members of the navy, and while working in a shop on land, these sailors are also subject to maritime obligations on board a ship.

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Civilian workers are able to fill many jobs at the naval land base; however, once at sea, all jobs must normally be filled by members of the navy. The Navy has long received some of the most technical equipment from the Armed Forces, so it is the job of the Navy sailor to be educated in the latest technological methods and operational procedures. The operation of computer-assisted missile launch controls with analysis of tracking, targeting and guidance systems is left to the sailor. Navy pilots are often responsible for some of any military’s first combat missions and therefore must be trained to be reliable and accurate with the interpretation of all mission-related data.

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