What does a national account manager do?

A national account manager may be responsible for managing a sales team.

A national account manager is responsible for overseeing client relationships with large account clients, most of whom do business on a national or international scale. Depending on the size and structure of the company for which he works, this professional can be part of the sales or project management teams. National account managers often manage a very small number of accounts and may, in fact, be dedicated to a single client. Duties often include receiving and processing new orders, ensuring projects are completed accurately, suggesting new products or services, assisting with marketing efforts, and coaching the customer as needed.

Company size and structure have a lot to do with the parameters of a national account manager position. In large companies, these managers can lead entire account teams, including project managers, customer service professionals, and more. In smaller companies, the national account manager may be responsible for carrying out all these functions on their own. Large companies may have multiple national account managers, while small companies may only need one.

The actual location of the manger office also depends on the company and the customer. A national account manager working with a high-revenue client may well have an office at the client’s location rather than in his own company building, especially if the two entities are in different cities. A national account manager who has more than one client in or near a city other than the one in which his company’s headquarters is located may work from a home office, as can a manager who has clients across a wide geography. In other cases, the manager may work in the company’s main office or in a satellite office.

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The duties of a national account manager vary widely from company to company. In most companies, the position is responsible for future sales to the customer or customers. This can include new orders for existing products, as well as responsibility for selling products and services that a customer is not currently purchasing.

In some companies, however, sales duties are strictly administered by the sales department and national account managers are part of an account management project or team. In this case, the functions usually revolve around the execution of the products and services requested by the customer. This means keeping track of project schedules, ensuring invoices are correct, seeing that contract terms are met, and managing customer service functions. These types of account managers can help customers develop marketing programs if they are reselling products, for example, or they can help train end users if the product is a computer program or other similar system.

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