What does a Human Resources Director do?

A human resources director may research other companies to determine fair and competitive salaries.

Companies of all types and sizes depend on the expert skills of human resource specialists to ensure smooth operations, asset protection and employee satisfaction. In many larger companies, there are several different human resources divisions, such as accounts payable and receivable, hiring and training, benefits and payroll. A director of human resources oversees the operations of all divisions and communicates with management to improve certain policies and procedures.

A human resources director can develop business contracts for the company.

The responsibilities of a human resources director in a small business may include interviewing and training new employees, establishing pay rates and benefit plans, and balancing a general ledger. A director can research other companies to determine fair and competitive wages and create a hiring campaign to find new workers. Directors in small businesses often meet with employees to address various issues.

A human resources director can assess and hire new employees.

In large companies, human resources functions are often divided among several departments to ensure accuracy and efficiency. A human resources director works closely with each department, overseeing and evaluating operations. He or she can observe training sessions, evaluate managers’ performance, and determine the effectiveness of company policies.

Human resources directors manage personnel issues within a company.

Managers from each human resources department routinely meet with the director to brief him on business and make suggestions on how to improve situations. For example, a hiring manager might explain to the director that more time is needed to train new employees. The director would assess the validity of the concern and bring it to the attention of company executives. It would inform executives that productivity and quality could improve if trainees were given more instruction.

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Human resources directors may have to deal with office gossip.

To become a director of human resources, a person typically must earn a bachelor’s degree in human resource management or industrial relations, although some large corporations expect job applicants to have a master’s degree or higher. Many employers internally promote human resources specialists and department managers to the positions of directors of human resources, after demonstrating proficiency over several years of experience. In the United States, a future director of human resources can improve their chances of getting a job by passing a certification exam administered by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). Other countries often have institutes or councils similar to the HRCI that offer certification to professionals.

A director of human resources may be responsible for establishing pay rates and benefit plans.

An experienced and certified human resources director can usually find employment in one of several types of environments, from companies to medical hospitals, schools and universities. Some successful directors are able to advance to executive and managerial positions in their companies. Others may choose to pursue other career paths, such as starting consulting firms or obtaining teaching positions at business universities.

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