What causes swollen glands in the groin?

Lymph nodes are nodular structures that are part of the lymphatic system and whose most important function is related to the immune response. For this reason, the most common cause of swollen glands is infectious processes. This is true of any part of the body, including the groin.

When an infection is what causes the swollen nodules, it is common for the infection to be located near the area where the swollen nodules appear. This is due to the role of lymph and the lymph nodes themselves in the immune system.

In the case of swollen glands in the groin or groin area, the infection may be related to Organs genitals in the lower extremities (feet and legs). Sexually transmitted diseases The infectious type can also cause swollen glands in the groin for the same reason.

Likewise, sores and injuries in the genital area, legs, or feet can cause swelling of the inguinal nodes. How long does it take for lesions to heal? swollen nodes usually reverse on their own. A visit to the doctor in such cases is recommended to corroborate the cause of the swollen lymph nodes and assess whether treatment for the lesion is necessary.

Some forms of cancer may have swollen lymph nodes, but this is the least common cause. In men, testicular cancer can occur with inflammation of the inguinal ganglia and in women it can be due to any type of cancer of the reproductive system. If other reasons are ruled out, it is normal to resort to tests to detect cancer.

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Given the importance of some of these problems, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible so that the exact cause can be determined and, if necessary, treatment can be started as soon as possible. But don’t panic if you notice swollen glands in your groin, don’t think at first it’s cancer, it’s much more likely to be due to a minor cause. A visit to the doctor will clarify your doubts.

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