What causes pimples on the arm?

Pimples on the arms can form from blocked pores around hair follicles.

Pimples on arms are usually caused by dry skin. The most common location for pimples on the arm is the upper arm, but they can occur anywhere on the arm. The buildup of dead skin cells can cause hair follicles to clog, contributing to the formation of pimples or bumps on the arms. Using a loofah sponge while showering to exfoliate dead skin can help unblock the follicles, resulting in smoother looking skin.

Pimples on your arms can be caused by taking hot showers.

After exfoliating the skin with a loofah sponge, a moisturizing cream should be applied generously to the arms and rubbed in well. While any type of moisturizer is generally effective in relieving dry skin and pimples, stronger, prescription moisturizers may be recommended to alleviate the condition. When arm pimples become resistant to conventional treatments, a dermatologist should be consulted so he can recommend alternative treatments.

Fish oil supplements can help relieve swelling in your arms.

When exfoliating dry arm skin, it’s important not to be overly aggressive. This can worsen the skin condition and contribute to permanent tissue damage. Exfoliating the skin with gentle but firm circular motions is the correct way to remove dead skin. Proper skin exfoliation will help smooth the skin’s surface and give it a healthy glow. Another common cause of arm pimples is fluctuating hormones. This can occur during the childbearing years or during the menopausal years. Fluctuations in hormone levels can be evaluated and treated by a qualified healthcare professional.

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Some women may get pimples on their arms during hormonal fluctuations during their reproductive age.

Over-the-counter acne medications can also help relieve bumps on your arms, but if used too often, they can dry out your skin even more. Some people get good results from taking vitamin E supplements and fish oil supplements. They help to hydrate the skin from within the body and are normally well tolerated by most people. They may not be suitable, however, for people who are taking medication to help thin the blood, or who have certain medical conditions. Before taking dietary supplements for pimples, a healthcare professional should be consulted.

Any pimple that becomes painful, inflamed and produces pus should be evaluated and drained by a doctor.

While conservative treatments for arm pimples can be very effective in getting rid of them, the results can take time. It can take up to three weeks for results to be noticed and the results may not be permanent. The bumps on the arms may disappear, only to return when the weather turns cold and dry, or after taking hot showers or baths, which deplete the skin’s natural oils. Pimples on the arms, while unsightly, do not usually indicate a serious medical condition. However, if the pimples become painful, red, or produce pus, they should be evaluated by a healthcare professional.

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