What can I do with malted milk balls?

Malted milk balls can be used in many goodies.

Pies, brownies and milkshakes are just a sample of the food that can be made with malted milk balls. Candies are often crushed, chopped, or mixed together for use in recipes. A variety of cookies and brownies can be made with malted milk balls, and the candies can also be used to make frozen cookies and treats.

Candy milkshakes are simple to make and only need three ingredients: malted milk balls, milk and vanilla ice cream. The ingredients are placed in a blender and blended until the candy is small enough to drink. The malted milk pie can be made by combining whipped topping, softened vanilla ice cream, and crushed malted dulce de leche. The mixture is placed on a graham cracker crust and refrigerated. Malted milk bars can be made using coarsely chopped malted milk balls combined with butter and sugar. The mixture is cooked, cooled and cut into bars.

Malted milk balls can be used in brownies.

A variety of brownies can be made with balls of malted milk as an ingredient, including milk chocolate malt brownies and malted milk chocolate brownies. Milk Chocolate Malt Brownies feature milk chocolate chips, sugar and coarsely chopped malted milk balls. Malted milk chocolate brownies are made with unsweetened chocolate, butter and brown sugar. To add to the richness, brownies can be frozen and then garnished with pieces of malted candy.

Whole milk is the main ingredient in malted milk balls.

Malted milk cookies are made with crushed malted milk candies, vanilla drops and milk chocolate. The dough is refrigerated overnight, then rolled into small balls and baked. Cookies are dipped in melted chocolate and hardened overnight. Another cookie recipe, Pinata Cookies, is made with balls of malted milk topped with chocolate, sugar and flour. Cookies are baked, cooled, dipped in icing and sprinkled with sugar.

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Cupcakes may have balls of malted milk. A plain yellow cake mix serves as a base for cupcakes topped with malted buttercream frosting and garnished with balls of coarsely crushed malted milk. The malted cream topping is made with butter, icing sugar and powdered malted milk.

A variety of frozen goodies can be created using balls of malted milk, including chocolate malted ice cream pie and frozen malted dessert. The chocolate malty ice cream pie is made with a crust of crushed graham crackers, cinnamon and semi-sweet chocolate. The filling is made with marble syrup ice cream, powdered milk and chocolate-covered malt balls combined in a blender. The frozen malt milk dessert features a combination of condensed milk, whipped cream and unsweetened melted chocolate.

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