What are towels?

Wet towels.

Tissues are small disposable pieces of tissue or tissue-like paper typically used for health and beauty or general cleaning purposes. Most wipes contain a cleanser or similar product in the fibers. Most of these products are pre-moistened, but some wipes are dry. Individuals often need to add water to dry tissues for the product to be effective.

Wipes can be used to disinfect minor scrapes and cuts.

Baby wipes, also called “wet wipes”, include all baby wipes products used for hygiene purposes. Standard-use baby wipes are designed to clean dirty hands or minor scratches and cuts, and typically come pre-soaked in water, alcohol, and soap. Baby wipes, used to clean baby’s sensitive skin, are also pre-soaked, but often leave out chemicals like alcohol in favor of milder cleansers. Some manufacturers even produce wet wipes for pets designed to clean muddy paws, eyes and ears of common household pets. Wet wipes come individually packaged in foil-lined envelopes or in tight, resealable bulk packs capable of retaining the wipe’s moisture.

There are scarves that can be used to repel insects.

Make-up remover wipes are technically another type of wipes, as these products also come pre-moistened with water and a cleanser. The cleanser should be gentle, as the make-up remover cleans around the eyes and other sensitive areas of the face. Facial cleansing wipes not marked as make-up removers may contain more harsh chemicals, however, especially if the wipe is marked for use as an acne treatment. Towel products containing alcohol, salicylic acid or other harsher chemicals should be kept away from eyes. Dry facial cleansers contain dry facial soap and the individual should lightly dampen the cloth before using it to wash the face.

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People with chemical allergies can use a towel instead of a handkerchief.

Other cleaning wipes are used for non-hygienic purposes. Lens cleaning wipes, for example, are soft, wet wipes designed to clean eyeglasses and goggles without scratching the lenses. Home cleaning baby wipes usually come moistened with a household cleaner. These wipes are often used for disinfecting purposes, but some household toilet paper products are used to polish metal, wood, or other surfaces.

Some tissues have chemicals designed to ward off mosquitoes.

Some tissues have nothing to do with cleanliness. Tanning wipes are individually packaged pre-moistened cloths containing tanning lotion. Many manufacturers also add other products to these wipes, including exfoliants, moisturizers, and vitamins, to help improve skin health. Insect repellent wipes are another product of wipes that do not clean. These wipes, which are pre-moistened and individually wrapped, are intended to act as an alternative to chemical repellents and often contain natural, oil-based ingredients that can ward off mosquitoes and other insects.

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