What are the signs of narcissism in men?

A strong sense of entitlement leads narcissistic men to display anger whenever they are not treated better than others.

The term “narcissism” can refer to a wide variety of behaviors or attitudes, although in most cases it refers to a person who is self-centered, selfish, or incapable of forming honest, meaningful relationships. Narcissism in men can manifest as an inability to consider others’ emotions or thoughts, setting a double standard, breaking someone else’s self-esteem or ego to boost your own, and more. Many of the signs of narcissism in men are the same as the signs of narcissism in women, and these signs are most commonly found in romantic relationships, such as boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives.

A narcissist can display extreme signs of self-love.

Some of the signs of narcissism in men that are easily distinguishable include avoiding discussing emotions and using other people for the man’s personal gain. He may display signs of extreme self-love, although he probably avoids talking about his own feelings or emotions. Many people who exhibit signs of narcissism can be aggressive on the outside but sensitive on the inside, especially to criticism or rude interactions. A boyfriend or husband who exhibits signs of narcissism in men may become emotionally unavailable the more the person shows concern or love for that man.

Narcissistic men may not be willing to commit to their partners.

A man may also display narcissistic rage, which occurs when the man feels he is constantly under attack from other people. This usually stems from a sense of entitlement, which means that the man feels he is worth more than others and deserves better treatment at all times. The man is likely to display signs of extreme confidence, usually in an attempt to mask a sense of inadequacy or insecurity. He will therefore have extremely high and unrealistic expectations for relationships and interactions, and when these expectations are not met, the man can become angry, enraged, or overly aggressive.

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Narcissists often have fragile self-esteem, but they seem in love with themselves.

The narcissist will have an extremely fragile ego and will often find a reason to be offended or angry with someone, even when no insult has been made. This can lead to false anger or consistently volatile relationships that are emotionally charged and very draining. At the same time, a lack of empathy for others is a prominent sign of narcissism in men, and the man can actively devalue others. In some cases, he may even praise another person and then devalue or insult that person immediately afterwards. The narcissist will also have extreme difficulty identifying or relating to the emotions of others.

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