What are the signs of back pain in dogs?

Howling can indicate back pain in a dog.

Among the signs of back pain in dogs are changes in posture, decreased appetite, reluctance to move or even reluctance to turn their head, and swaying when standing or walking. A dog with back pain may react negatively when its back is touched. He may have an arched back or a cautious posture, and he may have an obvious spinal deformity. Mild back pain in dogs can prevent them from climbing stairs or jumping. In more severe cases of back pain in dogs, they may be unable to walk and may howl in pain when movement changes the position of their spine.

A dog with back pain may react negatively when its back is touched.

Determining whether a dog is experiencing back pain usually begins with a review of its complete medical history, followed by a total neurological exam. This will determine whether the pain is actually in the neck or in the spinal region. The tests the veterinarian will perform at this time may include a basic blood test, abdominal X-rays, spinal X-rays, or serology in the case of infectious diseases.

Reluctance to move the head when walking can be a sign of back pain in dogs.

Several factors can cause back pain in dogs. Diseases of the epaxial muscles, which include bite wounds, inflammation, and infection, can cause back pain in dogs. Vertebral disc disorders and spinal cord trauma can also cause back pain in dogs. Vertebral cancer is another cause. It can also be caused by a disorder of the meninges, the membranes that cover the spine and brain.

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Veterinarians can prescribe medication to relieve a dog’s back pain.

As might be expected, treating back pain in dogs is as simple as the nature of its cause. For example, minor spinal cord trauma requires only activity limitation and administration of corticosteroids. Cancer, on the other hand, would require a surgical procedure that might not work the first time around.

There are a few things an owner can do to make a dog feel better despite his back pain. Keeping the animal in a calm environment prevents it from becoming stressed or excited, which would further damage the back problems and encourage more pain. It is also important that the dog remains in an environment where it does not move around a lot. Like humans, dogs need full rest when dealing with any kind of pain – especially back pain.

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