What are the pros and cons of using laundry starch?

Spray starch can be used to help clothes look clean and crisp.

The main benefit of using laundry starch is probably related to the clean, crisp look it tends to give clothes. People who use starch in their clothes often find that the ironing process is easier afterwards. Also, laundry starch can make it easier for the fabric to resist stains, and washing stains when they occur is usually not that difficult on clothes that have been starched. Despite the benefits of starch, there are also some disadvantages. Some people choose to avoid starch in clothing because they find it makes them rough and uncomfortable to wear and can also shorten the life of clothing by breaking down the fabric.

Clothes must be removed from the dryer before fully drying when using liquid starch.

Laundry starch is most often used in business and formal attire, which tends to look better when the fabric is very frizzy. People often skip the ironing process for the clothes they wear every day, although historically, people used it on all clothes. The use of starch to make clothes cleaner has been traced back to the 16th century, and back then people made it with corn and water. Although some people still choose to make their own laundry starch from scratch, it is now possible to buy the starch at almost any store that sells laundry accessories.

Laundry starch can shorten the shelf life of some types of clothing.

The process of using laundry starch is usually quite simple. When starch is used in liquid form, it is normally added to the washing machine in the same way that laundry detergent would be added. After washing, the garment is dried in the dryer or hung up to air dry. Starched clothes usually cannot dry completely before being ironed. Using an iron on clothes that have been washed with starch normally activates the starch, which ultimately gives clothes the clean, crisp look you want after they have dried completely.

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Laundry starch can be used to keep formal or business clothes creased or wrinkled.

Some people buy spray starch instead of liquid starch. When spray starch is used, clothes are washed in the washing machine as they normally would and dried until almost completely dry. While the clothes are still a little damp, the starch is pulverized. The garment is then ironed and left to finish drying, at which point it should feel stiff. The effectiveness of liquid starch over spray starch is debatable, and the type of starch a person should use is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

While starch can make clothes cleaner, it’s best to avoid using it every time your clothes are washed. The stiff appearance that starch can give fabric can actually make the fabric break faster because once the garment is too stiff, the fabric can actually fray and break when the garment is folded. Many people choose to iron only their most elegant clothes or simply reserve the use of starch for special occasions when it is important for them to be neater than usual.

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