What are the pros and cons of using a copper bathtub?

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Bathtubs can be made from a wide variety of materials to suit the tastes and budget of many homeowners. A copper bathtub is a rarely used option, but it can be an appropriate choice for certain situations. Like any other type of bathtub, a copper model has its pros and cons. Some benefits would be its aesthetic appeal, durability and lack of maintenance. On the other hand, a copper bathtub can be expensive and often difficult to find.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of a copper bathtub is that it adds an elegant, luxurious aesthetic to most bathrooms. Many may find the appearance of a bathtub made of copper more sophisticated than bathtubs made of other, more common materials. It can also add a feeling of warmth to many bathrooms because of its color. Overall, copper creates a unique style because it is rarely used.

Another great benefit of a copper bathtub is its durability. Copper is naturally resistant to the dents and scratches that other materials are subject to. An interesting fact about copper is that if it happens to get scratched, the scratches will disappear on their own over time. This is because copper gradually changes color, which results in a slightly greenish hue after several years of use.

Lack of maintenance is another benefit that a copper bathtub offers. Unlike other materials, copper does not require any special attention to keep it in good shape. Most bathtubs require disinfectants and chemical cleaners to keep them clean of mold and bacteria. Other materials can also build up soap scum residue over time, which results in a dirty appearance. Simple periodic rubbing with a dry towel is usually enough to keep it clean, as the material is resistant to mold and bacteria.

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The biggest downside of a copper bathtub for most people is its cost. Copper is simply one of the most expensive materials to use. In addition, the proper construction of a copper bathtub often requires specialized skill. The combination of these two factors is the main reason for the high price.

The other main disadvantage is that it is often difficult to find a copper bathtub. Most home improvement stores don’t usually sell copper bathtubs. This means that an individual has to place a special order from specific manufacturers, which inevitably results in limited options. In most cases, the purchase must be made online, which also means that shipping and handling must be arranged and paid for.

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