What are the pros and cons of choosing a pet finch?


Finches are passerine birds, also known as songbirds, that are commonly kept as pets. There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing a pet finch. These birds are cute, inexpensive, and social, without requiring much human interaction. The main disadvantage of owning a finch is that these birds normally prefer the company of other birds and do not become fully domesticated, even when living with a caring human owner. Unless a person is willing to have more than one pet bird, a finch may not be the best choice.

One of the biggest advantages of owning a pet finch is that these birds are pleasant to watch. Finches are beautiful, small birds that spend most of their time perched and fluttering around the cage. Although finches are not noisy birds, they do sing and chirp, especially when approached. Their interesting and active nature makes them a popular choice for people who love exotic pets.

Finches are also inexpensive and available at many pet stores. When purchasing a pet finch, the biggest expense will be the cage and accessories. After that initial expense, most pet owners will find that finches need little maintenance. Most necessary items such as food, filtered water and toys can be found at very reasonable prices. When compared to some other small pets, finches are very cheap to care for.

Another advantage is that finches do not require much human interaction. Although finches are sociable, they do not need constant attention. Busy individuals who want a pet but may not have time for an animal that requires a lot of maintenance, such as a dog, may enjoy having a pet finch. As long as these birds have food, clean water and a sanitary environment, they can have fun.

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While its independent nature can be beneficial, some pet owners also find it a disadvantage. Before purchasing a pet finch, it is important to understand that finches generally do not become domesticated. They will not become affectionate or want to be hugged by their owner. Finches greet their owners with vocalizations rather than physical affection. People who want affectionate exotic pets may need to reconsider their decision to buy a finch.

To satisfy their social nature, finches must also be kept in pairs or larger groups. People who want a single pet bird may find this a disadvantage. If a person doesn’t want to take care of two or more birds, they can start exploring other species that like to live alone.

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