What are the pros and cons of an attic bedroom?


An attic bedroom can be a surprisingly unique space, with interesting corners, angles and architectural features. Unfortunately, an attic can also be cold, small and can reduce the ventilation of the house. If you have a big budget to finish an attic, turning this space into an attic bedroom is almost always a great idea. On the other hand, finishing an attic can be expensive and may not be worth it if your budget is tight. The pros and cons of an attic bedroom are up to a point, and the home owner can decide whether it is a good idea to take on this project.

Making an attic room from an unfinished space can greatly increase the value of a home. If someone is living in a three bedroom house, that house will be sold as a four bedroom house with an additional attic bedroom. Having a finished attic, be it a bedroom or other type of space, will increase the home’s ability to retain heat, thus reducing energy costs. Financially, while an attic room will reduce ventilation, most people consider finishing an attic to be a good decision.

The shape of an attic room can be a positive or negative feature. Architecturally, many people like the look of an attic room. A space that is shaped by the slope of a roof will always be of visual interest, and certain features, such as exposed brick or supporting beams, can make a room particularly unique. Others feel that the space is too small or that the sloping roof causes storage and furniture issues.

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Among the main problems with finishing an attic are the costs related to replacing large parts of the room, such as the foundation. If the floor is not safe to walk on, it will likely be very expensive to finish the room. Also, it can be difficult to get furniture in and out of the attic, depending on how the stairs are placed. It’s a good idea to assess the actual cost of finishing the attic before you decide to turn it into a bedroom.

Whether the utility of the room is worth the cost of finishing the attic is also up for debate. An attic bedroom will likely be a little small, making it particularly suitable for children. It may also not be very accessible if the person is unable to use the stairs. Just because the room was initially designed to be a bedroom doesn’t mean it can’t become an office or guest room later on. The room will likely always be useful, even if it is not always used as a bedroom.

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