What are the different types of wooden cabinets? (with photos)

Kitchen with hardwood cabinets.

There are many different types of wooden cabinets available today for kitchens and bathrooms. You can choose between light, medium and dark wood colors. Each type of wood has its own distinct grain intensity and style. Popular woods used for cabinetry in homes today include birch, walnut, pine, cherry, maple and oak.

Oak is an open-grained hardwood of light to medium tone. You can find oak cabinets in white, yellow and red varieties and the tone varies from cool to warm within these colors. The texture of oak is very grainy, so it is better suited for traditional country and kitchen decor than contemporary looks. Oak is a durable wood and is generally cheaper than cherry and maple.

Cherry wood is a more expensive and elegant choice for cabinetry.

Maple is a strong wood with a more subtle grain than oak. Although the grain is toned down, it’s also more interesting as it doesn’t have a uniform shape. Maple is a popular choice for hardwood floors as well as cabinetry. The appearance of maple wood cabinets is adaptable to both contemporary and traditional home decor styles. Maple cabinets are available in rich light and dark tones and many different looks are possible.

Entertainment centers may include built-in cabinets.

Cherry cabinets tend to have an elegant look and the price often reflects this. Cherry is a high-quality hardwood used to make luxury furniture, including fine cabinetry. The grain in the cherry tree is pronounced and this is considered an advantage by many, although some prefer more subtle-grained woods. Cherry cabinets are available in reddish shades from mid-tones to very dark browns. Cherry wood colors can be inconsistent.

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Wooden cabinets are usually handcrafted by a merchant.

Pine is a light colored wood with darker knot holes. Pine wood cabinets have a very natural rustic look, making them suitable for country rather than contemporary decor. Pine cabinets are often the cheapest type of wooden cabinets, but they are not as durable as other types, as pine tends to dent and scratch easily. This might just add to the rustic appeal in a country house look, but in other settings, it can detract from the decor scheme.

An inexpensive way to get the hardwood look is to opt for wood veneers.

Walnut cabinets work well for those who like wood with inconsistent light and dark stains, as minerals cause walnut wood to streak. Hickory is rustic in appearance, but heavy, strong and very durable. Walnut cabinets work best when you want superior quality but informal appeal. Walnut cabinets usually cost less than cherry cabinets.

Birch color varies from light cream to reddish brown. B├ętula is a wood that presents small knots with fine and smooth grain and uniform texture. Birch cabinets tend to suit traditional-style rooms and go well with classic, neutral paint colors. Birch wood cabinets are a popular choice as they resist scratches and are cheaper than many other cabinet woods.

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