What are the different types of two-level house plans?

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People looking to buy or build a home have a wide variety of style options. They can choose traditional one-story farmhouses or multi-level houses. The two-story house is a good compromise between the two. Various types of two-story house plans include two, three, and quads.

Plans for two-level homes feature two levels. The entrance to these two-story house plans usually opens into a small foyer with one set of stairs leading to the upper level and another set leading to the lower level. The overall appearance of a two-story home is that of a farmhouse with a full basement that has been raised slightly so that the lower level windows are a short distance from the ground.

Two-level house plans that require three distinct levels are called three-level plans. The villas usually have the front entrance on the main level, which is built with the foundation in the ground, on one side. The opposite side features an upper and lower level. Levels are not complete stories, but are usually only separated by six to seven stages. The lower level is partially underground, with the window bottoms flush with the ground.

A quadruple house has four separate levels arranged similarly to a three-story house. These two-story house plans resemble a farmhouse seen from the street, as the main level of the house is at the front. The back of the house features an upper and lower level in a three-level configuration. This layout adds a fully underground fourth level, located under the main level at the front of the house.

Most two-story home plans place the main living areas, including the living room, kitchen, and dining area, on the main floor of the home. In two-story homes, these common areas are usually on the top floor. Bedrooms and a bathroom are typically found on the upper level, while the lower level may feature a laundry area, family room, and an additional bedroom and bathroom.

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Due to the standard layout of two-story house plans, home renovation options can be limited. Homeowners can choose to remove the interior wall between the kitchen and living room from the main level, build on the side of the house to extend the main level, or add a deck or sunroom to the back of the house. Adding side windows or skylights to a two-story home can also help open up the home and get more natural light. People who want a master bathroom can do a renovation that removes the wall between the master bedroom suite and the upstairs bathroom, but this is not advisable for homeowners who still have children at home and need both bathrooms to be accessible to everyone.

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