What are the different types of summer jobs?

Motels often offer summer jobs.

There are several summer jobs available for people who need to find a different summer job; Seasonal jobs or in the tourism industry are often some of the most common. There are a number of outdoor jobs in the summer, but don’t rule out jobs that are available throughout the year, such as working in retail or in an office environment. Summer internships are another option, for those looking to pursue a career or earn college credit. Summer internships can often also be completed abroad, for an even more rewarding experience.

Some people pick fruit during the summer to earn money.

Summer jobs only available seasonally are quite popular and often easy to get. This includes jobs at a community pool, as a lifeguard, for example, or running an ice cream stand. Restaurants often hire waiters, table cleaners or kitchen servants such as dishwashers or cooks in the summer when they are busiest. Bartending is another potential summer job, though some restaurants require their bartenders to attend a bartending school. Road maintenance and repair crews often hire extra help in the summer as well.

Mowing grass can be an excellent summer job for people.

Depending on the area the person lives in, there may be additional summer jobs available as well. If there are summer camps nearby, they often seek out camp counselors; the same is true of day care centers, which tend to become much busier in the summer when children are out of school. Any tourist attraction such as lakes, beaches or amusement parks, just to name a few, is an easy way to find summer jobs. Local hotels, motels or resorts may also offer summer jobs, which can include everything from working the front desk to doing housework or maintaining security around the property. Festivals or fairs may also hire temporary workers.

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Amusement parks often hire summer helpers.

Of course, some people take summer jobs not just to earn some extra cash, but also to further a career or college degree. There are many internships available during the summer, which can be especially convenient as it does not detract from the course during the year. Internships can be found by searching online or contacting the university; most universities offer assistance in placing students in internship or study abroad programs. While internships are typically unpaid summer jobs, they can sometimes offer a small stipend, or free room and board, for example, as well as valuable life experience and course credit.

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