What are the different types of strawberry sauce?


Traditional strawberry sauces usually contain strawberry jam or strawberry compote as a base, along with water, honey and lemon juice. There are other types of alternative strawberry sauces, such as raw strawberry sauce, which uses fresh strawberries, water, and honey. Creamy strawberry sauces often contain heavy whipped cream, half and half, or coconut milk to make a thick, creamy sauce suitable for fondue. Varieties of dipping sauces containing strawberries can use fresh ginger and other spices, as well as berries like raspberries and blueberries to create a more complex sauce.

Strawberry coulis around a dessert.

A common strawberry sauce that often accompanies sweet and savory dishes uses fresh or canned strawberry preserves or jam mixed with a little water, cream and lemon juice. Most of the time, this mixture is left to cool in the fridge until it becomes slightly thick and creamy. This type of sauce is usually served cold, accompanying foods such as fried shrimp and fresh fruit, as well as common desserts such as cake or ice cream. For a fondue sauce, the sauce can be heated in a fondue pot or on the stovetop to a runny consistency.

Strawberry Ray Sauces use fresh strawberries.

Raw Strawberry Sauce uses fresh strawberries, raw honey or agave nectar, as well as some water, all blended into a thick, creamy sauce. This type of strawberry sauce may have a slightly thicker texture than one using strawberry preserves or strawberry jam. The consistency of a raw sauce can be easily changed by increasing or decreasing the amount of liquid, namely water and honey, used during mixing and processing. Sometimes this type of sauce may contain fresh ginger or other spices to create a spicy strawberry sauce.

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Strawberry sauces based on pure cream can use fresh strawberries or strawberry jam, often combined with sugar or honey and sour cream, half and half or milk. Some kind of creamy liquid is used in these types of strawberry sauces, as using water in any proportion can make them too thin. A dairy-free dipping sauce can use coconut milk or soy milk to replace the dairy required in strawberry cream sauce, without sacrificing flavor or consistency. Often, a strawberry sauce can use other fruits, such as blueberries or raspberries, to add complexity to the texture and flavor.

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