What are the different types of speech recognition transcription software?

The different types of speech recognition transcription software are speech to text programs intended to replace typing, speech recognition systems that replace a computer mouse or other input device, and speech translation software that will transform spoken words into a language into text written in a second language. Voice user interfaces can also be found on mobile and landline phones to replace dialing numbers with a keyboard. Speech recognition transcription programs are often used as a hands-free alternative that allows people with physical disabilities to use their desktops or laptops efficiently. Voice recognition systems also have many applications in medicine, law and international business.

Types of speech recognition transcription software may include speech translation programs that translate the spoken words of one language into the written text of another.

Voice recognition software is typically installed on your computer’s hard drive like other types of software. Most of these speech-to-text programs have specific hardware requirements in order for text to be rendered with a high rate of accuracy. A desktop or laptop computer typically needs to have a high quality sound card and a recommended minimum amount of random access memory (RAM) installed before speech recognition transcription software can be used effectively without frequent word corrections. Once one of these programs is installed with the proper hardware, new users typically need to practice with the program so that it can store details about their unique speech patterns.

Speech recognition transcription programs allow hands-free computer use.

Voice recognition software can also be designed specifically for hands-free computer use. This can sometimes be part of a speech-to-text software package, or it can be a separate program in some cases. Once installed on a hard drive, users operate their computers by speaking certain recognized commands, such as “Open X program” or “Go to X website” into a microphone. As with other types of voice recognition transcription software, users often need to train this type of program first to recognize their voices.

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Speech recognition transcription software replaces the need for a computer mouse.

An additional type of automatic speech recognition software is used specifically for foreign language translation. A phrase spoken in one of these programs can be played back in a second language in the same way as in a traditional voice recorder. Business professionals who frequently travel to other countries sometimes use this type of voice recognition transcription software as a matter of convenience, because tight deadlines do not always allow for extra time to memorize sentences in a second language. Voice recognition software is also used in professional fields such as court reporting and medical transcription, although it does not fully replace human transcribers.

Computer speech recognition software is normally installed on a computer’s hard drive.

Voice-user interfaces can be found in land-line phones to replace dialing numbers with a keypad.

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