What are the different types of solvent degreaser?

Highly concentrated, caustic and flammable chemicals are used for industrial degreasing solvents.

There are many different types of solvent degreasers, for many different tasks, but the basic categories are industrial, metal, steam, cleaners, and ultrasonic. Each type is designed for specific applications and can be used for various work tasks. When deciding which type of solvent degreaser to use, some important points must be considered for each individual group. While there are several types of solvent degreaser products, the most important thing to remember is that they meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Restaurants and small establishments often use highly concentrated caustic and flammable chemicals to clean and disinfect areas where grease quickly accumulates.

The first type of solvent degreaser handles industrial degreasing tasks and applications. These types of degreasers are commonly used in businesses such as restaurants and cafes that require cooking grease to be removed regularly. Several factories and assembly line warehouses also use this type of industrial degreaser because the machines often cause grease to accumulate on floors and equipment. Industrial solvent degreaser, while designed for more complicated tasks, can also be used in a variety of applications by private individuals, and is one of the most common garage and garage degreasers available.

Ultrasonic degreasers can be used to clean jewelry.

The second type of degreaser that can be used is metal degreasers. This type of solvent degreaser is commonly used for cleaning vehicles, engines and other types of machinery that have a buildup of grease. Engine degreasers are one of these types and this style is used for tasks that include cleaning engines, bearings, gaskets, and any other type of task that requires metal degreasing. There are even some metal degreasers that are immersion tanks, in which parts are soaked in a bath, similar to carb cleaning tanks. No matter what the design or type, metal degreaser is the only way to remove tough grease from metal parts and pieces.

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The third solvent degreaser that can be used is a steam degreaser. Steam degreasers are units that contain two separate tanks, each storing a different solvent. Instead of degreasing with a fluid type of chemical, the steam degreaser allows the area to be degreased with a chemical-filled vapor. After the vapor has formed, the parts that need to be cleaned are placed in some sort of holding device, usually a basket, and then placed above the vapors. The steam then degreases the parts and cleans them effectively without having to be submerged in the solvents.

The fourth type of solvent used for degreasing are cleaning solvents. A solvent cleaner is a form of degreaser that acts like a cleaner and also removes grease from specific areas. This product is commonly used in kitchen areas where grease must be removed when cleaning the area. This type of solvent degreaser adds two components to one product, allowing degreasing and cleaning to be a combined job rather than separate processes.

Ultrasonic degreasers are the last type of solvent degreaser that can be used. This type of unit is similar to steam degreasers, but uses ultrasonic waves to clean the parts. Parts that need to be degreased are placed in the tank and then sealed. The ultrasonic components are then switched on for the desired length of time. This type of degreaser is commonly used for smaller applications such as jewelry and tools due to the size of the tanks used.

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