What are the different types of product packaging supplies?

Cardboard packages.

Product packaging supplies are used by manufacturers to protect their products and make them more attractive to the consumer. There are many different types of product packages; some common types are blister packs, plastic bags, paper bags and clear tubes. Some companies use cardboard or plastic boxes. Product packaging supplies are typically chosen to suit the product being sold.

For many types of items, clear plastic tubes work well. They can contain any number of small items, depending on the size of the tube in relation to the size of the item. Dice, paper clips, thumbtacks and nails can be packed in tubes.

Pills in blister packaging.

Plastic bags are one of the most popular types of product packaging supplies. The choice of sizes is almost endless and the bags can be adapted for flat pieces, multiple pieces and items with odd or irregular dimensions. Depending on the product, the bags can be heat sealed or zippered. In some cases, a zippered bag will be heat-sealed above the zipper, creating a tamper-proof, easy-to-handle package that can be opened and closed multiple times. It is often ideal for foods like lettuce and cheese.

Tape is an important item used in shipping packaging.

To minimize problems with stolen or broken items, product packaging supplies that consist of a hard plastic casing can be used; this is commonly known as a blister pack. In some cases, the packaging may be transparent on both sides, but other times there may be a molded piece of plastic glued or stapled to a sheet of cardboard printed with the product information. Product packaging supplies such as these may need to be custom made to properly fit the item. Blister packs are notoriously difficult to open and are rarely tampered with before being taken home by the consumer.

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Boxes can contain almost anything, but they are not suitable for many types of items, as much of what is in them can be difficult to see. They are good product packaging supplies for paper goods such as stationery or other products where there are many of the same or similar items. Cardboard boxes with a clear plastic lid can be used to display the contents, and boxes work well for items with many different shaped parts, such as games. Molded cases, a type of plastic box, are commonly used to package tools for sale, with the advantage that the packaging can also be used to store the item once purchased.

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