What are the different types of poultry equipment?

A chicken and an egg.

Poultry equipment helps those who raise birds that are kept for human needs. Chickens are the most widely recognized type of bird, but the category also extends to turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, geese, and sometimes to larger birds such as ostriches, rheas, and rheas. Some of these birds are killed for their meat and feathers, while others are mainly used for laying eggs.

Incubators and nest pads are used to help the chicks hatch.

A chicken feeder is a basic device for storing chicken feed. This is a bird food that comes in small granules, usually the size of a grain, and can feed many types of birds. Some chicken feeders are built to disperse only a selected amount of feed at a time in order to control the birds’ diet. Others are made to withstand high winds and outdoor rain, while bowl-shaped chicken feeders are sometimes used to feed chicks.

Chicken houses are another type of poultry equipment. These are typically confined spaces where birds are kept and can differ in shape and design depending on the type of bird they house. Nest boxes are usually installed in cages for laying birds, such as chickens, and the floor is often covered with wood chips or straw for easy cleaning. Co-ops can also encompass entire yards, sometimes surrounded by a fence, where birds have more freedom to roam.

Bird warmers, also called brooders, are heating devices commonly used to keep birds warm during cold weather. Heaters can be installed in various places where birds are kept, but most often they are placed in sheds. They are sometimes shaped like large bulbs and radiate heat that prevents the water and eggs from freezing. The right type of heater can increase the longevity of birds and produce more eggs during the winter.

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Proper handling of eggs is important to preserve quality and quantity. Poultry equipment used in this process may include hens’ nests, which are soft laying areas that invite birds to lay their eggs. Eggs are often stored in incubators, which are closed trays that maintain optimal temperatures and keep the eggs clean and safe. Salter balancing machines are generally small devices used to accurately measure the weight of an egg.

Special human clothing used when working with birds is also sometimes considered poultry equipment. Boots, disposable sleeves, caps and full-body coveralls are often worn in dirty or dangerous environments. These items protect people from possible bird diseases, maintain hygiene and can prevent bird injuries.

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