What are the different types of pie pastry?

A kiwi pie.

There are many varieties of sour pastries, most of which have a fruit filling. The pastry crust for a pie can be sweet or savory, and it can be homemade or store-bought. The fillings for a pie crust are almost limitless and can include citrus fruits, berries or even savory ingredients like eggs.

Some of the various types of tart pastries include those prepared with a pre-made tart shell. A frozen pie crust dough can be found in the frozen food section of a supermarket. Homemade pie pastry is prepared with fresh food rather than pre-packaged.

Some pies are miniatures and are usually served as a snack or single portion. Typically round, they are made using miniature aluminum pie pans. These are popular candies to pack in the school lunch box or on the go.

Various types of pastries, including some pies.

Some of the most popular types of tart pastries are those with real fruit filling. Lemon is a common fruit used for sour pies. Cherry is another fruit that can be used to bake a pie. While fresh fruit is typically the ingredient many bakers will use for their pies, some homemade pies can be made with a canned pie filling. Cherry or blueberry pie filling are two common ingredients.

Many pie pies usually have a tangy flavor. It is believed that this is how the name of the pie originated. While this is usually the rule, some types of sour pastries are sweet.

A common dessert popular in Hawaii is a pineapple pie. As this state is known for growing pineapples in abundance, it is not uncommon to find desserts prepared with this fruit. In addition, coconut pie crust is also popular in the state.

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Mixed fruit pie pastries are made with two or more fruits. Most commonly, berries are mixed in or the dough shell is stuffed with slices of berries. Once the dough is finished, it can be decorated with a slice of fresh fruit on top of the rind and finished with homemade toppings, such as jam or whipped cream.

Apple pie cakes can be made with fresh apple slices and cinnamon. In addition to apples, raisins and nutmeg can be added. For plumper raisins in the pie, they can be soaked in a shallow pot of rum for several hours.

Another type of sour pastry is made with molasses and brown sugar. Eggs and butter are other ingredients needed to make this variety of pastry. Because it is a sweet dessert, it is usually served with whipped cream. To make the puff pastry or crust, the dough is carefully kneaded, either by hand or with a rolling pin. Butter pie and egg pie pies are other sweet varieties.

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