What are the different types of parakeet?

Red masked parakeets are native to Ecuador and Peru.

With their small size and social nature, budgies make excellent exotic pets to keep at home. The different types of budgies include the small, colorful budgies, the larger English budgie, and the Alexandrian budgie, which changes color as it matures. Many people also keep ringneck budgies as pets, although the ringneck has a slightly less social personality than the other types.

Parakeets are small or medium-sized parrots.

While most budgies work well as small exotic pets, budgies, also known as budgies, are the most common type of budgie to keep as pets. Parakeets are native to Australia but have adapted well as pets in Europe, the United States and Canada. They are smaller in stature than other types of budgies and come in several different color variations, including an all-white and mixtures of green, red, yellow, and blue. Parakeets are tame and very intelligent, which makes them easy to train.

The parakeet is also known as the common parakeet.

English budgies are specially bred to be show budgies, but many people also keep these types of budgies as pets. Size is the only notable difference between a common parakeet and an English parakeet, which has a larger head and body and is taller and wider than the traditional parakeet. Like the common budgie, however, English budgies are colorful, intelligent, and tame.

Some parrots, such as the Rosella of Australia and New Zealand, are known for their bright red colors.

Alexandrian budgies are native to the jungles of India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These types of budgies have larger heads and long, tapering tails. The coloring of an Alexandrian budgie is gender-dependent, as males are dark green with a little pink and females are lighter green without any pink coloration. Males also develop two colored rings around their necks, while females remain the same color throughout their lives. Both male and female Alexandrian budgies have a high energy level and require a large cage that allows them room to move.

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Ringnecks are one of the most difficult types of budgies to keep as pets as they have aggressive tendencies and require daily training and care. Generally, a ringneck cockatiel grows to a smaller size than a budgerigar or an Alexandrian budgie, and its coloration ranges from a light to dark green, regardless of sex. This species also has pink and colored rings around its neck, which makes them easy to identify. Although ringneck budgies require extra handling and care, they can become domesticated pets over time.

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