What are the different types of nail polishes?

A woman getting her nails done with clear nail polish.

Enamel is one of the biggest cosmetic industries. People are always looking for the product that helps them to develop long, strong and attractive nails that look good when polished. This cosmetic product comes in many different formulations, but all are designed to make your nails look attractive.

The base coat is a common type of nail polish. Helps prepare nails to accept colored nail polish. It also prevents darker nail polishes from discoloring the natural nail. It is usually transparent and can be used alone to protect nails.

A bottle of nail polish remover.

Colored nail polish is as varied as the one who uses it. It comes in every color of the rainbow, as well as some colors that don’t exist in nature. It can be glossy or matte and can help hide nail flaws like bumps. Nail polish also protects nails. It comes in formulations that help strengthen nails, dry quickly, or promote nail growth.

The top coat is also a clear coat. It is used over layers of dry enamel to harden and protect the color. Helps prevent color from fading and chipping. A top coat can also be worn alone to provide a sleek, well-groomed look and to protect nails.

Nail biting nail polish is often bitter, as a way of helping that person break the habit.

The reinforced nail formulations are a real plus for those who work a lot with their hands, such as typists. Breaking or chipping nails is almost an everyday occurrence for anyone who types a lot. Reinforcing nail polish can help to reduce this problem to a minimum.

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Some nail polishes target specific nail problems such as ridged nails, peeling nails, brittle nails and even nail biters. A nail biting treatment is often extremely bitter in order to help the nail biter break the habit through aversion therapy.

Nail polish is sold everywhere cosmetics are sold. Many cosmetic lines also have their own nail cosmetics line. Typically, a person can visit the corner drugstore to buy almost every type and color of nail polish imaginable.

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