What are the different types of Mozzarella sauce?

Jalapeno peppers can add a spicy touch to the mozzarella sauce.

There are many types of mozzarella sauce available on the market, as well as different types of mozzarella recipes in a variety of different forms. A mozzarella sauce containing shallots, garlic and onions is a popular recipe that can be made at home and can often be found as an appetizer in restaurants and grocery stores. The different types of recipes for a dip using melted mozzarella might include jalapeno mozzarella sauce, spinach cheese sauce, or a cheese blend party sauce. Classic mozzarella appetizers often include mayonnaise and sour cream for a richer, creamier texture.

A bowl of bocconcini, balls of fresh mozzarella.

A very popular simple mozzarella sauce is mozzarella, usually melted in a little cream, combined with fresh or dried chives, onions, garlic and salt. This simple dip is often served as a fondue sauce and is sometimes paired with crunchy vegetable sticks, crackers and corn tortillas. Jalapeño Mozzarella Sauce is a spicy version of this appetizer, with fresh jalapeño, onion, garlic and various other spices like cayenne pepper and fresh or dried cilantro. This jalapeno sauce can often be referred to as a green sauce, earning its name due to the shade of green the appetizer acquires after being mixed with the jalapeno.

Sour cream can be used to enrich the mozzarella sauce.

Spinach is another popular cheese sauce made with mozzarella and is often milder in flavor compared to spicier versions that contain garlic or jalapeño. Another version of the sauces containing mozzarella includes boiled artichokes and peppers, mixed with melted mozzarella and various other cheeses. These types of mozzarella sauce are sometimes baked, often with thickeners such as mayonnaise or sour cream, to create a warm, stable appetizer. Sliced ​​tomatoes can be placed throughout the roasted mozzarella sauce to add flavor and color, and they often soften enough during the cooking process to become spreadable.

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Mozzarella sauce usually contains aromatic onions and garlic.

Classic mozzarella sauce often contains pure mozzarella cheese combined with sour cream and mayonnaise to create a thick sauce suitable for chips and crackers. This dip isn’t always baked or boiled, but variations on this classic recipe include melting the mozzarella into a sauce or spreadable consistency. Additions of ingredients such as fish or meat are common in some mozzarella sauce recipes, especially if the sauce is included in an entree or meal. The use of different cheeses such as Parmesan and cheddar cheese are popular additions to many dip recipes with the main ingredient of mozzarella creating a bolder, richer flavor and texture.

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