What are the different types of metal fences? (with photos)

The barbed wire fence is a popular choice for prisons.

Perhaps the most common and recognizable form of metal fencing in modern times is the chain-link fence, but there are several other varieties of metal fencing. These range from the extremely ornate to the simple and functional, and the specific metals used range from aluminum to steel and wrought iron. The wrought iron fence is the least common type of metal fence as it is often very expensive and difficult to find. Wire fences are very inexpensive compared to other types of fences and work well as security fences or for industrial purposes.

A fence is galvanized when the steel used to make the parts of the fence undergoes a process called galvanizing, in which a protective layer is attached to the steel using a chemical process.

In residential areas, cast iron fences are quite common. It looks quite similar to wrought iron, but wrought iron metal fences are often more ornate than cast iron. The difference between the two types of metal fences is the process by which the fence is made: wrought iron is usually handcrafted because the ornate curves and angles require it, while cast iron fences are made by heating the iron to the liquid form and pouring into molds to set. The process of making cast iron fences is much simpler and faster, which reduces the purchase price of cast iron panels and posts.

Galvanized steel wire can be used as a corrosion resistant fence alternative.

The chain-link fence is usually made of galvanized steel. As steel is prone to rusting, it must be coated with another rust-resistant material; zinc is often used for this purpose. Galvanized steel fences are extremely versatile and can be made in different shapes and features. A fence, for example, may feature a simple gate, or it may feature a gate that opens into a wire or box room. Creating these features is quite easy with the wire fence, making it a popular choice for prisons, sports facilities, businesses and farms.

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For home use, wire fencing is a popular form of metal fencing used in gardens. Wire fences are useful for keeping small animals out of the area, and these fences usually don’t need special tools or concrete bases. It’s a light, lightweight option that doesn’t support much weight, but is cheap and quick and easy to install. Aluminum fence is another option for a light duty border fence or pool fence. These types of fences are also quite lightweight and often do not require concrete foundations to cast. They can be made to mimic the look of iron or other metals as well, although they are not made to withstand a large load.

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