What are the different types of mesotherapy treatments?

Mesotherapy treatments can help reduce wrinkles.

Mesotherapy treatments are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves injections of microscopic amounts of pharmaceuticals, homeopathics, and vitamins to treat a wide spectrum of medical conditions. Mesotherapy treatments can treat cellulite, acne, and stretch marks, among a host of other conditions. While most commonly used to address aesthetic issues, mesotherapy treatments are also used in the case of illness and injury.

Topical arnica can help with healing and reducing the side effects of treatments.

For cellulite, mesotherapy treatments address the formation of cellulite. Injections do this in three ways. First, the fat in the area where cellulite is located is reduced. The combination of injectables increases circulation to the specific area. Finally, mesotherapy treatments smooth the skin, treating the damaged areas of connective tissue.

One type of mesotherapy treats the appearance of cellulite.

As the treatments target the fatty deposits where cellulite is located, they have also been found to be helpful in promoting weight loss in specific areas. The way this works is that the treatments cause existing fat cells to break down, and the treatments also stop the cells from storing fat.

As a skin renewal system, mesotherapy treatments rejuvenate the skin. After the course of treatment, the skin looks fresher and clearer. Much of the lost elasticity that is common in aging can be restored by these treatments. Cellular rejuvenation is a common result of treatments. This causes the production of collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Treatments of this nature can be used for the face and neck, but have also been shown to be effective for the skin on the arms and hands.

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A mesotherapy treatment can be done to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Mesotherapy treatments have become popular due to the fact that they are non-invasive. These treatments require no recovery time and can be performed even at lunchtime, with the patient returning to work the same day. Patients should not consume caffeine prior to treatment and should not wear makeup immediately after the facial. Mild pain or bruising at the site where treatment was received is not uncommon. With the use of topical or oral doses of arnica, however, these side effects are reduced.

Arnica is a type of mesotherapy treatment used to reduce bruising.

The number of mesotherapy treatments needed and the results vary from person to person. A big factor in the number of treatments needed is the severity of the condition for which the injections are being given. Many patients begin to see results as soon as they receive two injections. The results of mesotherapy are long lasting, but as aging still occurs, regular maintenance injections are suggested.

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