What are the different types of loader operator jobs?

A loader can transport gravel to be separated into sub-categories.

Loader operator jobs range from working in a gravel pit and building roads to clearing land. Typically used to load a product onto a truck, the loader is a versatile piece of equipment. Coal mining, digging and snow removal offer potential loader operator jobs that can generate year-round jobs. The most common types of wheel loader operator jobs involve using a company-owned wheel loader, however some operators own their wheel loader and charge companies for wheel loader rental and payments to operate the machine. This scenario offers more flexibility and the chance to remain working throughout the year for some operators.

Chargers are versatile equipment.

Heavy machine operators must have training certification when operating any type of heavy equipment. This is also the case for those individuals looking for loader operator jobs. The training required to operate front loaders is designed to create safe operators and to alert and reduce the number of accidents on the job site. The requirements placed on loader operators are two-fold: operators must be able to operate the loader safely, and they must also be careful not to damage the dump truck they are loading. Special skill is required to empty the large loader bucket into the back of a dump truck without damaging the truck.

Many loader operator jobs consist of multiple tasks at a single job site. In mining and gravel situations, front loaders are used for numerous tasks throughout the site. Some of the many loader operator jobs involve loading raw material onto trucks to be taken to sorting machines. This separates the ores and gravel into subcategories such as sand, pea-stone and gravel. The ore is normally placed in a separate pile and further processed elsewhere. Once sorted, another loader operator loads the trucks with the various sorted materials for use at other job sites.

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Occasionally, the loader operator is asked to do more than one job. In some circumstances, a truck driver is required to load the truck with a front loader when arriving at a gravel pit or quarry. This is a rare occurrence, however in smaller operations there are not always enough funds to pay a dedicated loader operator. Most loader operator jobs, however, are full-time – albeit seasonal – in many areas of the world, with cold weather disrupting many of the construction operations that require large machinery to run.

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