What are the different types of lip balm?

Beeswax is a natural ingredient used in some lip balms.

Lipstick is an ointment used on the lips to help keep them moist and to aid in the healing of wounds and cracks. Different types use different ingredients, ranging from petroleum jelly to those that rely on “natural” ingredients like beeswax. This product is different from lip gloss and lipstick, which are usually for cosmetic purposes only. Lip balm, in addition to brightening the lips, is also intended to combat cracks and protect the sensitive skin of the lips from sunburn.

Lip balm comes in a variety of colors and flavors.

The most famous lip balm brand in the United States is ChapStick®, which makes hundreds of varieties. The brand has become so popular that its name is often used for any product, no matter the manufacturer. The company produces several different product lines, each of which offers different varieties to consumers. The All-Natural line, for example, has additives such as mango butter, jojoba and vitamin E.

Lip balm can help heal lip sores.

Flavored lip balms are also very popular, particularly among younger users. Some manufacturers specialize in different and fun flavors, although most big brands have at least one flavored product available. Popular flavors include strawberry, cherry and mint, with weird flavors like the coffee offered by some companies.

While most products have some level of sun protection, usually around SPF 4, many manufacturers offer special lines of sunscreen that contain especially potent sunscreen. They are ideal for people who spend long periods of time in the sun. Most lip balms have an SPF of at least 25 and often contain ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E as well.

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Mint is a popular flavor in lip balm.

Medicated lip balm is also available from several companies. These products contain a number of ingredients intended to relieve lip pain and help repair severe damage. Ingredients like menthol, camphor, and phenol act as pain relievers to relieve pain, while petroleum jelly helps repair lip damage.

There are several rumors that the lip balm is “addictive”, requiring users to continue using it or they face lip damage and experience physical withdrawal symptoms. Most independent investigations suggest that there is no physical addiction occurring with the use of these products, but that users get used to a high level of softness and moisture in their lips and experience psychological retraction when they return to their natural state. This can lead users to lick their lips in a misguided attempt to rehydrate them, which ends up serving to dry them out further and cause cracking, which can then be attributed to a physical addiction to the ointment.

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