What are the different types of individual desserts?

A cupcake decorated with marzipan roses.

Individual dessert types range from desserts designed to be consumed by a single person in one sitting, such as cupcakes or ice cream cups, to miniature versions of desserts intended for more than one person. Miniature pies, tarts and brulees are examples of individual desserts. Desserts for a single person also include those spread over a single plate, such as sundaes, certain types of puddings and parfaits.

Frozen yogurt.

Cupcakes are a popular variety of individual desserts in some areas. The small cakes come in a variety of flavors, from vanilla or chocolate to more unusual options like peanut butter or lemon. Typically, each cupcake has frosting on top. Some have other decorations, like sprinkles or embellishment.

Frozen desserts can also be designed to be consumed by an individual. Ice cream is occasionally sold in small cups with a small spoon. Other individual desserts made from ice cream include sandwiches or ice cream bars. Additional frozen desserts for one include cups of frozen yogurt, popsicles, and frozen chocolate bars.

Miniature desserts can be a popular choice for buffet tables or even formal dining. Some pies can be made in small 10 cm dishes designed to feed one person. Examples of individual pies include chocolate pies and fruit pies.

Crème brûlée is often divided into individual ramekins.

Pies can also be made individually, using small pie plates or shaping the pie by hand. Artisan pies are individual desserts that must be held in the fingers when eaten. Typically, artisan pies feature puff pastry folded over a fruit filling.

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Creme brulee is often divided into ramekins or flat plates of stoneware pie. The dessert is made of cream, vanilla and egg yolk. What sets a creme brulee apart from other cream desserts is the caramelized sugar layer on top. Serving the dish in a single-serving ramekin means that a person eating it gets more of the crispy layer.

Vanilla pudding is a simple, but very popular, individual dessert.

In some cases, individual desserts are split into larger dessert portions. For example, puddings are usually served in cups, but are taken from a larger amount of pudding. The pudding can be placed on the individual platter or in a larger bowl and shared later.

Parfaits and sundaes are examples of individual desserts that are assembled from larger components. One person can scoop ice cream from a larger container and customize their sundae with a selection of toppings. In the same way, a parfait is made for an individual placing ingredients like fruit and yogurt on a plate.

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