What are the different types of hose products?


Hoses can be used for many more applications than simply watering plants or washing your car. In fact, many types of hoses are not for home use. There are several hose products on the market, each with its own special use. They include: a braided hose, hydraulic hose, pressure hose, hose coupling and a hose reel.

A braided hose differs from the typical home garden hose in that it is reinforced with strong materials. Garden hoses are usually made of rubber. A braided hose usually features stainless steel or nylon wrapped around the outside so it can withstand higher pressure than a garden hose.

Hydraulic hose can often be found connected to a hydraulic pump on heavy equipment. These hoses are built to withstand high temperatures and high pressure and are usually made from several layers of thick rubber and wire. A hydraulic hose is typically required to have a tough exterior and is usually equipped with steel at the end. Typically, most homeowners don’t need hoses like this.

For cleaning up large outdoor messes, a pressure hose is usually one of the best hose products to use. This type of hose must withstand high pressure, typically up to 5,000 PSI, although each brand varies. A pressure wash hose is also resistant to most detergents, which is useful for cleaning driveways, driveways, construction areas, and more. Reading the manual that came with it can be crucial in figuring out exactly how much pressure the hose can handle.

A hose coupling can come in handy when a hose isn’t long enough to do a job. Instead of purchasing a longer hose, which is typically more expensive, users can connect two shorter hoses. Hose couplings can be made from steel, aluminum, brass or other durable metals and come in a variety of styles. The typical coupling needed to connect two hoses can be found at most hardware stores, usually near other common hose products.

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An often overlooked but very useful accessory is a hose reel. It’s a round spindle that can store most hoses neatly and can stay in a fixed location or be stored in a vehicle. Typically, many homeowners keep their garden hose reel on the side of the house, although hoses used for industrial purposes may be better off with a reel that sits on a work truck. Like many other hose products, hose reels vary in style and construction as they can be manually driven, motorized or retractable.

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