What are the different types of flooring materials?

View of wooden beams from second floor, views from below.

There are many different types of commonly used flooring materials, including laminate, bamboo and hardwood. Other frequently used flooring products are wood, tile, Pergo® and carpet. Some types of flooring are chosen for use in specific places in the house, depending on the function of the room.

Laminate flooring materials often mimic the look of wood. The benefits of using a laminate include durability and easy installation. Most laminate materials are installed with an interlocking pattern that does not require nails or glue to adhere to a room’s plywood subfloor.

A house with solid wood flooring.

Bamboo flooring is a natural alternative to man-made materials. Bamboo offers greater resistance to insect damage and less moisture damage. A bamboo floor can also be installed using a locking method that does not require nails or glue to secure it to the subfloor.

Hardwood floors are often chosen for their beauty and variation in pattern and color. The term hardwood flooring is often used synonymously with the term hardwood flooring, but the two differ in quality and softness. The most common woods used for hardwood floors include cherry, mahogany, oak and maple.

Bamboo flooring offers a natural and sturdy alternative to man-made flooring.

Hardwood floors is the term used for all wood-based flooring materials. Bamboo is often referred to as a type of hardwood flooring, although bamboo is grass and not wood. Both solid wood flooring materials and engineered materials fall into the wood flooring category.

Ceramic flooring is a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Saltillo tile, a type of clay tile most often made in Mexico, as well as ceramic or porcelain tile, can be installed in almost any room in the house. Travertine, a type of rock, and marble are common flooring materials used in wealthy homes around the world.

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Tile is a popular flooring choice.

Pergo® is a type of laminate made in part from chipped wood. Offers greater durability and shine over some other flooring materials. While Pergo® is often used as a generic term for laminate flooring, it is actually the brand name of a product sold by a leading flooring manufacturer and should not be confused with other similar options.

Carpet is commonly used in many homes. Carpet types are often distinguished by the twisted stiffness of the yarn, also known as pile. Typically, a carpet with a tight pile is more durable and has a firm feel. On the other hand, a rug with a less twisted weave has a softer feel.

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