What are the different types of fire appliances?

Fire trucks transport firefighters to emergency locations and can serve as mobile water pumps.

Firefighting is a field that requires the use of many types of tools and equipment. Firefighters use various types of fire apparatus equipment, including ladders and a hydraulic platform. They must also wear protective gear that can be considered a type of fire appliance. Trucks and other specialized vehicles are also a vital part of the equipment needed for firefighting.

Hazardous material suits and other safety equipment are items of firefighting apparatus.

Ladders used as firefighting equipment include a revolving ladder and a tower ladder. The turntable ladder is fixed to a turntable, which allows the firefighter to rescue victims trapped inside a tall building that would otherwise be out of reach. An aerial ladder platform is similar to the turntable ladder, although it does not rotate.

Firefighters can use a boom truck to reach fires that are far from ground level.

A fire engine or truck is the main vehicle used to transport firefighters to the scene of the fire. The vehicle is equipped with flashing lights and an extremely loud siren to warn drivers and pedestrians of its presence. The fire truck will include a rescue pump platform, differentiated hoses and a large capacity water tank. In the United States and some other countries, fire engines are commonly red.

Protective equipment is essential for firefighters.

An essential type of fire appliance called a utility is a device used to carry firefighting accessories needed by firefighters. Firefighters wear hazardous materials suits, which are also considered a type of firefighting apparatus. This specially designed suit provides protection from hazardous and volatile materials. It can be made from a very strong polypropylene substrate material for long lasting durability.

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Not all fire trucks are big. Some are designed to fight bush fires and are much smaller in size. These vehicles are known as forest fire engines. Off-road fire trucks like these can operate more efficiently over rough terrain than larger fire trucks.

Not all vehicles used by the fire department are used for firefighting. Crisis response vehicles are another type of fire apparatus, not equipped with hoses and ladders, but used for transport. These vehicles are used to transport cardiopulmonary (CPR) specialists to accident sites. A fire apparatus used for parades and other community events is often referred to as a ceremonial truck.

A mobile water supply device extends from a fire truck and is used to extinguish ground-level fires. This type of fire appliance has a pump, although some smaller models do not. An operator of this type of device must be certified.

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