What are the different types of Finch food?

Canaries are a type of finch.

Finches are small live passerines that are often kept as pets. In the wild, their diet consists of insects, newly sprouted seeds and small seeds – fresh and dried. Finches in captivity need a diet that closely matches what they would eat in the wild. Finch food should come from a variety of sources and incorporate fresh foods, carbohydrates and protein.

Finches love to eat milk thistle plants.

Dried seed is a convenient and readily available food for finches. Seed types in commercial mixes vary, but most contain some combination of canary seed, red pannicum, and assorted millet varieties. Millet is also available dried on the stem as millet spray. Finches, like most small birds, love millet and would gorge themselves on it and nothing else if they could. This is not healthy and finches should not have constant access to millet sprays.

Fresh fruits and vegetables help add natural enzymes and fiber to a finch’s diet.

Hulled sunflower seeds are tasty additions to any finches diet, but the seeds need a light chopping or crushing to make pieces small enough for the finches to eat. Pellet finch food is a nutritious combination of necessary vitamins and minerals. It is just as convenient as dried seed, but specially formulated to meet the dietary needs of finches.

Fresh fruits and vegetables add natural enzymes and fiber to a finch’s diet. Finches like most foods fresh, including grated or chopped apples, broccoli, or carrots. These little birds are especially sensitive to environmental toxins, and bird owners should wash all fresh food to remove any pesticide residues.

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Greens are a popular food for finches. Greens include milk thistle, chickpea and sprouted seeds. Finches also appreciate the flowers of these plants. Milk thistle and chickweed are easy to find growing wild, but finches owners should make sure the plants do not contain pesticides before offering them to birds. Seeds, whether from fresh seed heads or dried seed mixes, are easy to sprout at home; however, shoots can develop mold after a short time and should not be fed to birds.

Live insects are a protein-rich food. Not only do most finches appreciate an offer of live insects, but some finches species require them to reproduce. Live mealworms and waxworms are sold at most pet stores and are easy to store and keep alive to feed various birds. Boiled chicken eggs are another source of protein. One egg, shell and all, cut into small pieces is enough to feed several finches.

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