What are the different types of faucet spouts? (with photos)

A kitchen faucet.

Plumbing accessory manufacturers offer a dizzying array of faucet styles, colors and designs. Despite the myriad of options, all faucets are derived from a few basic types of spouts. For kitchen appliances, the most common types of faucet spouts are standard, gooseneck, and pan filler. Among the sanitary ware, the basic types of spout are standard bathtub filler, waterfall and Roman.

A bathtub faucet spout may include a diverter to send water to a shower head.

The most common of all faucet spouts is the standard spout. This spout, common in apartments and in budget renovations, rises a little at the base of the faucet and does not have any extractable spray mechanism built into the spout. This spout may have two handles, but usually has a single handle to dual control hot and cold water supply. The standard nozzle is the cheapest because of its basic design and rather simple appearance.

Faucet spouts may include a filtration system that allows tap water to be drinkable.

The gooseneck spout, or long loop spout, has an extremely tall rounded spout that rotates at least 180 degrees. The high rise faucet spout allows you to easily fill large pans and serves as a stunning focal point for the kitchen. Bar light fixtures utilize the high loop spout but are much smaller to accommodate the smaller size of bar sinks. Many modern gooseneck faucet spouts have built-in retractable sprayers. New touch system technology for high quality faucets turns the water supply on and off when the faucet is touched.

A pot filling faucet spout, a unique type of faucet spout, is very convenient for filling large stock pots. This faucet spout bends in and out of place like an accordion. The pot filling faucet spout is wall-mounted, usually above a stove or stovetop area. Instead of filling a large pot at the sink and pulling the heavy pot onto the stove, the pot filler’s long-reach spout fills the pot directly on the stove with minimal effort. When the faucet is no longer needed, the spout bends back against the wall behind the stove top stove.

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For the bathroom, standard bathtub filler remains the most common spout. The bathtub filler spout is a traditional, freestanding spout installed on the wall around the bathtub. The water supply to this spout can be controlled with one or two handles, but the water supply handle and tub fill spout are installed separately.

The waterfall bathroom spout is attractive, providing water and beauty to the bathroom. The spout features an angled spray and spout, diverting water into a thick stream reminiscent of a miniature waterfall. These faucet spouts are constructed of flat metal in a box-like shape, or they may feature a glass disc or plate from which water gushes.

The Roman faucet spout is very similar to the basic design of the standard sink filling spout in that the water supply is controlled by separate supply handles. Unlike the standard faucet that is wall-mounted in the bathtub, the roman faucet is installed on the deck around the tub. The Roman faucet spout can increase in height like gooseneck faucet spouts or can extend into a luxurious waterfall spout.

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