What are the different types of combustion equipment?

Jet engines are built around a turbine core that compresses and ignites an air-fuel mixture.

Combustion equipment consists of machines designed to burn a source of fuel in combination with oxygen from the air to produce heat and energy. The different types of combustion equipment include furnaces, boilers, turbines and engines. The project can be further identified by the fuel source, such as oil, natural gas, coal or wood.

A furnace, or direct-burning heater, is a type of closed chamber where heat is generated by the combustion of some type of fuel. A blower introduces air into the heating chamber, where it is combined with the fuel and burned. A furnace can be used to produce thermal energy for the heat itself, converted to mechanical energy to drive a process, or to electrical energy, as in a power plant. The heat generated can be transferred from the furnace through tubes filled with water, air or heat transfer oil.

A gas oven is a type of combustion equipment.

Boilers are units of combustion equipment that produce steam or heated water to run industrial processes or provide heat to buildings. The main types of industrial boilers are water tube and fire tube. Water tube boilers move water through tubes that pass through the furnace chamber where the fuel is burned. The heat of combustion is transferred through the tube walls to heat the water and create steam. Fire tube boilers send heated gases generated by the combustion of fuel through tubes that pass through a chamber filled with water, where heat transfer causes the water to vaporize into steam.

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The fuels in jet engines work like the cylinders in automobile engines.

Turbines are machines that create energy through the rotation of blades or vanes by the movement of gas or liquid. A gas turbine uses a compressor to produce pressurized air. Combustion of compressed air mixed with fuel generates a high-pressure gas that drives a rotor. This type of combustion equipment is found in smaller power plants and in jet engines.

An internal combustion engine produces energy by igniting fuel under high pressure in an enclosed space. The expansion of gas created by burning the fuel is transformed into mechanical energy to drive a crankshaft or rotor. These engines power automobiles, electrical generators, pumps, forklifts and other industrial machinery.

Various fuels are used by different types of combustion equipment. Liquid petroleum products are the most common fuel sources in engines and turbines and can include gasoline, kerosene, diesel and heavier waste products such as bunker fuel. A large number of boilers, especially those that produce heat for buildings, are powered by natural gas. Power plants that burn coal produce a significant percentage of the energy used around the world. Wood fired ovens are less common in industrial applications and are more likely to be found in residential use.

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