What are the different types of change management activities?

An important task in change management is to assess whether the organization and its employees are ready for change to occur.

Change management activities are tasks and techniques used to promote successful change management. The best ones will help carry out a change management plan and maximize the change management resources available to the affected organization. Every business has different employees and methods of operation, so the best activities related to change management will vary depending on the needs of each organization. Change management activities can include serious activities such as planning meetings, training and coaching sessions, but they can also include change management games designed to take change management progress forward while entertaining and engaging your participants.

Change management activities often help foster a sense of teamwork.

An important task in change management is to assess whether the organization and its employees are ready for change to occur. This assessment can happen when the change is just being planned, or it can be an assessment done during the implementation of the change to determine if the organization is ready for the next stage of change. Typically, assessment activities in change management involve observing employees as they perform new tasks implemented in the change.

The best change management activities are activities that everyone involved can participate in. When planning change management activities, it is important to consider the people in the organization who may be participating in the activity. Planning for physically active change management games can be perfect for an organization with members in good physical shape, but the activity can be off-putting for workers who feel uncomfortable meeting the physical requirements of active games.

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Communication is vital to successful change management. Without communication, an organization will not know if the change is going badly. Maintaining open communication with those affected by the change can give the change manager advance notice of any issues, interruptions or complaints related to the change. Activities that can improve communication during a move include meetings and coaching sessions. Meetings can be small or large, but they should be small enough that every person who wants to speak has an opportunity.

Change managers who introduce changes to an organization that require existing staff to work with new people often conduct change management activities designed to let employees get to know each other. These types of activities can include name memorization games to help employees get to know each other, or they can include games like reverse musical chairs or riddles designed to promote interaction or a sense of teamwork. When situations are tense between assimilated employees, a silly game can help break the ice and give employees a shared experience to build camaraderie.

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