What are the different types of bidet accessories? (with photos)

Bidets were originally installed next to or near a toilet.

There are several types of bidet fittings, depending on the form and direction in which the water is dispensed. A basic bidet resembles a toilet and has a regular faucet with a garbage outlet under the bidet faucets that can be capped to retain water. Heated or flushing rims also have bidet taps on top of the basin, but water flows under the rim. Bidets with spray function can squirt water upwards or horizontally. Some bidet models are electronic, giving users additional options for how to clean themselves after using the toilet.

Sprayer accessories are available to turn a standard toilet into a bidet.

Bidet accessories fall into one of two general groups, over the rim and under the rim, although they can also form part of a suitable bidet or bidet accessories for use on a standard toilet. The over-the-edge group features fittings that allow water to flow downwards. Discharge rims, horizontal sprays and normal bidet faucets fall into this group. Upward and vertical sprays are part of the under-rim group. With this accessory group, water is squirted upwards or towards the edge.

The basic bidet is also considered an over-the-edge style and resembles a regular faucet or faucet. Two faucets can be installed to provide users with hot and cold water. Over-the-edge bidet fittings attach directly to the top of the sink. The water descends towards the bottom of the appliance. A waste outlet is under the bidet faucets and can be capped to prevent water from escaping the basin sooner than desired.

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The heated rims also have bidet faucets that offer hot and cold water. The difference between this type and the basic over-rim is the way the water flows. With edge or heated edge, only the handles are visible. Bidet tap water flows under the rim.

Spray bidet fittings can be vertical or horizontal. In the case of vertical sprayers, the spray head is fixed to the bottom of the device with water sprayed upwards. Horizontal sprays feature a faucet that provides a constant flow of water. Greater care must be taken when installing submerged connections, and a dedicated pipe for the water supply is necessary to avoid any contamination.

Some bidet models offer a mix of options in a single unit. This is known as a combined bidet. The most common combination bidet accessories offer vertical spray and a heated rim in a single unit. Some of the more luxurious bidets have been equipped with a hairdryer and audio to cover any embarrassing noises that might be made while using the device.

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