What are the different types of agricultural pests?

Sorghum, a cereal crop.

Pests are some of the most common growing problems and they can come in many different forms. Insects are the most common and destructive, but mammals such as rats and raccoons are also considered agricultural pests in some areas. Birds are another example of an agricultural pest, as they can damage plants by eating seeds and fruits, as well as by hunting insects hidden in plants.

The raccoon and other small mammals can be a pest to some crops.

Agricultural plants are those that are grown specifically for human consumption or other use. A crop pest is considered to be any type of creature that can damage a crop plant. Some of these pests can even destroy entire fields of plants in very short periods of time.

Insects are often found on the leaves, stems and flowers of plants. Many insects also eat fruit or vegetables from agricultural plants, but some of these pests can destroy plants before they are even able to produce fruit or vegetables. Some insects eat almost any type of plant, while others eat only certain plants; Cabbage worms, for example, are often only seen on cabbage plants and other cabbage crops such as broccoli and mustard plants.

Rabbits can become a pest in crops.

To control insects in crops, many gardeners and farmers use chemical pesticides. Many pesticides are also toxic, however, and some studies have shown that these substances can be dangerous, even in very small amounts. Other gardeners and farmers use safer organic methods to get rid of these pests.

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Several different animals can also be crop pests. Mice are often found in cornfields, for example, where they chew the stalks as well as the ears. To get rid of rats, farmers can trap or poison them. Larger mammals such as raccoons and rabbits can also be pests in many rural and urban gardens.

Mice are common pests of cornfields.

Birds can also do a lot of damage to some types of crops. Fruit and seeds are commonly included in the diet of many birds, including crows, and sunflower farmers are particularly plagued by seed-eating birds. Scarecrows are sometimes effective at getting rid of crop pests such as crows, but many birds are not frightened by these stationary objects. Instead, most farmers hang pie trays or CDs on strings, since moving shiny objects are usually more effective at deterring birds.

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