What are the different sizes of sheets? (with photos)

Deep pocket bedding is available in a variety of colors and fabrics.

As beds come in different sizes, so do the sheets that cover them. Sheet sizes are determined by the length and width of the bed and come in the following categories: twin, double, queen, king and California king. These standard sizes are seen across the industry.

Sizes are fairly standardized, except for the “pocket” measurement on fitted sheets. This tells the customer how “deep” the sheet is, in case he or she has an extra thick mattress, or one with a pillow-top. So if the customer has a thick mattress, they can look for a deeper pocket, ensuring the sheet fits well.

As a rule, sheet sizes are (for fitted sheets) as follows:

39 inches (99 centimeters) wide by 75 inches (191 centimeters) long for a double sheet; 54 inches (137 centimeters) wide by 75 inches (191 centimeters) long for a double sheet; 59 inches (150 centimeters) by 79 inches (201 centimeters) for queen beds; 80 inches by 80 inches (203 centimeters) for a king sheet; and 72 inches (183 centimeters) by 84 inches (213 centimeters) for a California king.

A buyer can expect sheets to be 51 to 76 centimeters longer and wider for sheets fitted to each size.

Sheet sizes are standardized because mattress sizes are the same in all stores. The buyer should be able to safely check sizes at any store and know that they will accommodate her beds when she gets home with the bedding.

Folded sheets.

The size of the sheets, the number of threads and the quality determine the prices of beds. As the line count often denotes a higher quality sheet, this is a good cross-brand comparison feature. The larger the sheets – and the greater the number of threads – the higher the price.

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A buyer can get a decent set of double bed sheets, such as for a dorm, relatively cheaply. A set of double sheets usually costs about twice the price of single sheets. Prices can be quite a bit for high thread counts and a designer brand for king size sheets, however. Buyers can compare sizes, prices and line counts across the internet so she can be sure she’s getting the best deal.

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